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Glenn James has been writing stories and drawing ever since he has been old enough to use a pen, and takes a delight in performing and exhibiting his work to an audience. 

He was born in Birmingham, and studied Art at Bournville Art College, Sutton College and Wolverhampton University, graduating with a HND in Graphic Design in 1993. 

After graduating from University, Glenn followed up his passion for writing by undertaking a course in Radio Broadcasting, and became involved with BBC Radio WM and WCRT in Wolverhampton.  Beginning as a volunteer he went on to become a producer in his own right.  He taught radio techniques at Wolverhampton College, and went on to manage the studio for BBC Radio WM. 
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Glenn is a practiced on-air journalist and producer, and has interviewed celebrities as diverse as Jeremy Isaacs, Roy Wood, Carol Decker (of Tau Pau), George Melly and Elizabeth Sladen.  Professionally he has contributed to 'The Today Programme' and 'Here and Now' on Radio 4.

He originated two series' of his own for WCRT, and was Producer/Scriptwriter for both shows in the late 1990's.  These shows were 'Absolutely Fatuous', an original comedy series, and 'Cold Tea and Biros', a writers' forum show.  Four of Glenn's original plays were broadcast on BBC Radio WM.  One of them was a Christmas Ghost Story for the Millennium, titled 'Shadowfell', and the play has been repeated by WCRT at Christmas ever since. 

In the visual arts, Glenn illustrated the best selling 'Ghosts, Murders and Scandals' by Anne Bradford and has contributed to the dark fantasy magazines 'Murky Depths' and 'Trespass'.  A benchmark development was his originating the character Skaler, the New Romantic Vampire, and he is working on developing a series of novels about the character.

He is a passionate storyteller, and has built up a portfolio of original Gothic Fantasy stories, a selection of which has been published both online and offline.  Glenn enjoys performing his work at open mic nights and he is proud of appearing at ‘Gothicana’ in Birmingham, run by the Victorian Theatre Company ‘Don’t Go Into The Cellar’.  In June 2011 he was the headlining prose performer at ‘Parole Parlate: The Spoken Word’ during the first ever Worcestershire Literary Festival

Glenn and his wife Angela founded and originated ‘42’, a Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Open Mic Night, which provides a unique opportunity for budding scribes and writers with a passion for these genres, to make their voices heard!  Work performed on these nights range from poetry & short stories, to comedy and original genre related performed music.  The event originated in Worcester where it is thriving, and it has started to expand to other cities such as Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent.  It is becoming a highly regarded Open Mic event.

In addition to his adult work, Glenn is an enthusiastic writer of children’s stories.  Following just one session, where he was asked to come in and speak to the children at his daughter’s nursery, he has gone on to visit both nurseries and schools as a storyteller with some passion.  He is especially delighted that the children call him ‘The Story Man’.

In particular he has been telling the stories of ‘Lottie and Mr Columbine’, ‘Hugo and the Werewolf” and ‘Humphrey and the Galoot’, tales originally told to his daughters Charlotte and Elizabeth.  Mr. Columbine in particular is proving a real favourite and he is currently compiling an anthology.  Glenn always accompanies his work with very lively cartoons about the stories and the characters.  The Hugo stories have a darker edge for older children, and call on his skills as a Gothic Fantasy artist...

As a member of the founding team which established the Worcestershire Literary Festival, Glenn and Angela were Deputy Festival Directors, and he was Press Officer.  In this capacity he was intimately involved in ‘Inkberrow Revisited’ which was the first WLF event staged.  He also originated and organised a live reading of ‘The Hobbit’ for Children in Need in 2010, which was opened by Robin Walker MP and Howard Bentham of BBC Hereford & Worcester.  The event raised over £300 for the Charity.  Glenn likewise suggested and led the live reading of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, in 2010, during wholly unexpected and very heavy snow! 

Glenn lives in North Staffordshire with his wife and Angela James, who is a writer & poet herself, and their two daughters, Charlotte and Elizabeth.
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