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Flights of Otherwise Fancy

Although the themes predominant within his work are Gothic, Glenn is a keen fantasy artist, with a strong interest in many areas, including surrealism, a diversity of different mythologies, sci-fi, and history.

He will be exploring his inspiration in these areas, some themes being comic, satirical, commenting on our times, or just very, very mischievous.

The Gallery will delve into Glenn's interpretation of Fairies, Gothic Angels, and drawings on the theme of the conflict between Knights and Dragons.  The range will grow with time.

This is proving a hugely rich vein of inspiration, and Glenn is starting to wish he had an extra head to contain all the ideas... Not a wise option, as who is to say you can guarantee obtaining another matching hat...


The Fantasy Gallery
DF a n t a s y   A r t w o r k
Marlborough Knight
Writer, Artist,
Storyteller & Performer

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