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H u g o   a n d   t h e   W e r e w o l f

Hugo was minding his own business one evening when he found himself rescuing a werewolf.

Having gone out to play football, he had no idea that he would find himself hiding from an insane ghost in the cellar of a derelict house, and releasing a creature he never even believed existed.

It took a lot of nerve to release this tall silver furred creature from a cage in the corner of the room, and when it picked him up and fled with him through the woods, Hugo thought he was going to die for sure.

But the Werewolf was now rescuing him in turn from the captivity of Theodorus the Mage, and things were far from obvious or as straight forward as they might seem...

Hugo and his companion find themselves embarking on a campaign to restore the werewolf to his rightful place as King of the Lycanthropes.  Fighting the conniving dark Mage Theodorus, the Kingmaker, and the vicious usurper Gravelfang, there is plenty of action and excitement along the way.

Hugo's story seems to have lit a torch.  After live performances of the first installment at schools, Glenn has been approached by teachers and pupils alike urgently asking where they could buy a copy of the book.  The story has grown in the telling, and their dark adventure has only just begun...
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