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H u m p h r e y   a n d   t h e   G a l o o t

Humphrey is a friendly plump little cat, who always washes his whiskers neatly and likes a quiet life.  But he lives next door to the Galoot, a lanky, rubber-limbed frog who cannot bear things to be peaceful.

Humphrey likes to sit working quietly at his computer, or making model ships, but the Galoot will burst through the door to whisk him away to be a pirate for the day on a real sailing ship.

If Humphrey wants a neat, flat sandwich with the crusts cut off, the Galoot will cut it down with a dragon-fighters sword and flatten it with a steamroller.  If he wants to have a fried egg for lunch, the Galoot will take him back in time to the days of the dinosaurs and take one from a Pterodactyl. If Humphrey decides to clean the chimney, the Galoot fetches Father Christmas to show them how to access it.

The Galoot is loud, and cannot sit still for 20 seconds. He thrives on change, is completely exploding with life, and rather clumsy.  He as a huge collection of very silly hats, and is obsessed with musical instruments, (all of which he plays very badly, often in the bath.) 

The Galoot drives Humphrey mad, but the cat has a heart of gold and although he always has heavy doubts, he goes along with his friend's mad schemes to ensure that the Galoot doesn't come to any harm.  There is an endearing parent-child dynamic between the two of them which children really respond to.

These endearing odd friends make a marvellous team for any children's storytelling session, and get into hilarious scrapes.

The stories about long suffering Humphrey and his wild friend have gone down extremely well, as Glenn has performed their misadventures at colleges and nurseries, where they have been very warmly received.  Poor Humphrey has many an indignity to come, as Glenn has quite a few stories to tell about this oddest of friends...

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