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L o t t i e   a n d   M r   C o l u m b i n e

Mr. Columbine is an enchanted person who lives in a huge blue seashell, at the bottom of Lottie’s very long garden, underneath the Damson tree.  He only appears at night, as he is a Moth Shepherd, who plays his golden flute to keep the night-time animals safe from harm, and he has all sorts of responsibilities, like making sure the worms jump high in the air to exercise, or that Moles clean their glasses.  He is 800 years old, and is tall thin old man with a very long nose like an anteater, and little gold glasses.  He wears a coat with two lion’s tails, and has long curly pale blue hair because he only comes out in the moonlight. 

His very best friend is Lottie, and the two of them, along with Mr. Columbine’s fiancée Lady Silvershade, and various cousins and friends like Old Logo and Big Cousin Jez, have magical adventures in the night-time garden.  They fly around the world on the Lunarcycle, (an enormous two-seater Penny-Farthing with bats wings), drive down the middle of the River Severn in an ancient open-top Rolls Royce, and visit mermaids who live in the Thunderclouds or watch the yearly hatching of sea-horses which live in the sky.  Cousin Cobber comes up through the manhole from Australia, and they meet dragons, giants, and the infamous naughty coconuts. 

The characters are like a huge affectionate extended family to Lottie, and Mr. Columbine and Lady Silvershade are loving grandparent figures.  The stories teach children to explore the power of their imaginations, and about problem solving skills, as Mr. Columbine, for all his astonishing magical powers, gets into a proper fix occasionally and it is Lottie who solves the problems. Hugely positive and with a sense of wonder at the world and its possibilities, these are stories of wonder and imagination. 

The stories about Lottie and Mr. Columbine have been proving enormously popular, as Glenn has been out and about visiting nurseries and schools telling everyone all about their adventures since December 2010.  There is quite a fund of stories by now about Lottie and her friend, and Glenn is putting together his first children's anthology of stories about the characters.

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