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Pagan Inspiration

The artist Michele Clare has often told Glenn that the inspiration of his Skaler work is very Pagan.  Although he acknowledged this, the artist didn't realise just how deep the instinct went, until he undertook the second draft of Skaler's first novel, and then he realised it wasn't just Pagan:  it was very Pagan indeed...

The Green Man is enormously important to Glenn's work, and his roots are deeply Celtic and West Country. Glenn has long wanted to explore work with an outright Pagan theme.  He became aware that there is a paucity of cards or artwork available to celebrate the ancient Pagan and Wiccan Festivals of the year, and decided that he wanted to do something to put that right.

Beginning with the drawing 'Sumer Icumen In', designed for the Midsummer Solstice in 2010, he will steadily release designs, specifically for these spiritual time honoured festivals. The resulting work will be profiled in this gallery,


The Pagan Gallery
P a g a n   A r t w o r k
The Green Man
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