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Gothic Fantasy Novel

Back in 1994 Glenn experienced a piercingly vivid dream about a young vampire called Skaler.  Wearing a long green velvet coat, he sat crossed legged on the ground, having a conversation with a skull. 

When he woke he knew everything about him, and the world he lived in has completely haunted his imagination ever since.  This pushed him to develop a different style of drawing and even to write a novel about his life and numerous short stories.

This section is devoted to Glenn's Skaler artwork and the characters in his world, including the ancient Prince Germane, DreamWalker of the Gosmanger's. 

He hopes that the fans of anything Gothic, young, old or immortal will enjoy his dark work.

The Skaler Gallery
S k a l e r   A r t w o r k
Skaler: Being The Tale of an Uncommon Bat Cover
Writer, Artist,
Storyteller & Performer

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