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S k a l e r   S t o r i e s

Back in 1994 Glenn experienced a piercingly vivid dream about a young vampire called Skaler.  Wearing a long green velvet coat, he sat crossed legged on the ground, having a conversation with a skull. 

When he woke he knew everything about him, and the world he lived in has completely haunted his imagination ever since. 

He has since written the first draft of a novel about Skaler and numerous short stories.   Some of the short stories have been subsequently published online and performed at open mic nights and have been very well received.  He is also in the process of planning subsequent novels and anthologies of his Skaler stories.

Skaler is a runaway from his own killer, the ancient Machiavellian Prince Germane, a Born vampire older than the Christian Church, and walking in Shadow since the days of the Pharaohs.  The cycle of tales which has built up about Skaler, the Prince, and the hidden subterranean world of the Civilisation of the Born has reached a critical mass, and they are proving a great hit with audiences.

Glenn is no surface level scribe who slavishly follows trends.

The Skaler stories and the novels he is working on have been developed and grown since 1994.  He has built the civilisation and characters with great thought and attention to detail, and the stories are multi-layered, thought provoking and extremely mischievous.  They have a message without preaching a moral, and ask some serious questions about the human condition.

They are also utterly impish, informed by a warm humanity, and a devastatingly dry wit.  They range from full on gothic to outrageously playful and impish in tone, as the author plays affectionately with the genre conventions, and his audiences expectations to highly entertaining effect.

The series grows constantly, and is accompanied by outstandingly beautiful gothic artwork.

Glenn's short stories have been published both online and offline, see his Published Work section for details.

Writer, Artist,
Storyteller & Performer

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